The EX.CO platform enables you to create content that will engage users, generate leads, and provide meaningful audience insights for targeting and segmentation. 

We believe that all content should make an impact and deliver results, so we put the power firmly in your hands by offering the tools to create engaging, sophisticated content items, without the need of a designer or developer. We call these experiences.

With fully customizable templates that are optimized for best performance, we offer a variety of content experiences that audiences love. There are various types, each with its own unique set of characteristics, and you can decide on one that suits you best, based on your website’s needs.

The experience you create can be embedded anywhere; on your website, blogs, or dedicated landing pages, etc. This is called “in page”.

However, EX.CO experiences go one step further. 

We also offer the ability to overlay content on your website, which we call “over page”. This means that your experience can be layered on top of your regular web content, in a place of your choosing, at a specific load time; or always, if you prefer.

Implementing the experiences on your website is simple, there’s a one-time setup process, and you’ll be able to change them as often as you wish, with no re-embedding needed.

In using experiences you’re also able to gain a new level of understanding about your audience by integrating the EX.CO platform with your third party marketing, CRM or analytics solution. Segment users, collect leads or trigger marketing messages, and build or enhance rich user profiles for further targeting. 

Best of all, you can analyze all your data in one place, making it easier to spot trends and develop insights for the future.

So without further ado, we invite you to create and launch your first experience!