What is an Experience?

Engaging content is the most effective way to connect with your audience, and an EX.CO content experience offers the chance to interact however and whenever you see fit.
Different users have different requirements from your website, so why offer the same content to all? With EX.CO you’re able to tailor an interactive experience to a specific audience, which not only personalizes your content, but changes the user’s website visit into an engaging and impactful experience. Based on your goals, this can lead to:

  • Sales conversions
  • Lead collection
  • Longer dwell times
  • Improved customer feedback
  • Insightful 1st party data
  • Newsletter sign-ups 
    and much more.

There are a variety of options you can choose from to engage your audience:

This is a series of questions where each answer is given a sliding scale of relevance. It leads to a set of personalized results calculated from these answers, gathering valuable data for segmentation and re-targeting.
Decision Tree Journey
In this ‘choose your own adventure’-style journey, each question we ask the user will change based on their previous response, creating a scalable and personalized experience with a path of defined results. 

Here we gain instant feedback on any question you ask, learning valuable data about a user’s opinions, preferences or behaviors.

Think of this as a blank slate. It’s a fully customizable image you can overlay with text, other images and interactive buttons, with no need for a designer.

Used for data collection, this allows you to gather a range of information from users, gaining their consent, and avoiding bots and spam. 

This challenges a user to test their knowledge through a range of questions in an interactive format, useful for education, training or knowledge retention.

Deciding which type of experience is the right one for you can be daunting. That’s why we’ve created a suite of fully customizable templates with pre-made designs you can use as inspiration. You can edit these too; keeping as much of the existing content as you need, or you can completely redesign them to make your own.

Think about what you want to achieve with your experience; what’s your goal? Perhaps it’s collecting customer data? Maybe you want to boost subscriptions, or simply promote a piece of content. Always have an objective in mind when looking at the templates and select one that helps to meet that goal.

Consider the user’s experience too. What do you want them to gain, and how long should it take them to achieve it? A one-question poll might be the perfect solution to lead to a newsletter subscription, for example. Whereas a journey involving multiple questions might be more preferable to link to a particular product or service that matches their needs.

There are no right or wrong choices here. Our experiences are fully flexible and can be tailored to any objective. Always remember that an experience works best when it’s beneficial to both you and the user in equal measure.

Engaging content is the most effective way to connect with your audience, and an EX.CO content experience offers the chance to interact however and whenever you see fit.

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