Your experience can be customized in a variety of ways to appear native and on-brand with your website.


Use our integration with Getty Images, Giphy, and more, to enhance the look of your experience. Or, simply upload your own images. 

Answers layout

These can be plain text, or using round or square boxes. You can add images for visual impact.


Text boxes, the button and any call-to-actions (CTAs) can be customized.


Customization for backgrounds, text and CTAs is possible. 

Background image and cover images

A background image will sit behind any text on the question and result pages. A cover image is prominent at the top.

Start over

Activating the “Start Over” toggle will allow users to retake the experience.


This is a customizable page you can toggle on or off. Edit the text directly, and click the camera icon to add an image or logo.

Result Elements

In the results stage of your experience, you can choose from three actions:

  • A CTA button (customizable in shape, color and appearance).
  • A sign-up form to collect email addresses or other data.
  • A products gallery, which offers the option to include links to a number of different product areas, formatted as a slider with images.