CedatoX is driven by Cedato’s video bidding technology. It enables a simple to operate, private and direct Supply/Demand connection between two Cedato partners. Cedato Supply items are presented as advertising opportunities (meaning spaces where advertisements can be shown) to be matched with the best Cedato Demand items (meaning advertisements to be shown).

What Types of CedatoX Partners Are There?

  • A Supply Partner – Wants to achieve the best yield (meaning the highest profit for the traffic they provide) and the best fill rate. Enables the Demand partner to buy traffic (from the Supply partner) by assigning the Demand CedatoX to his/her Supply (HTML Player or VAST).
  • A Demand Partner – Wants to achieve the lowest cost for the highest number of impressions of their demand items (campaigns). Assigns his/her Demand items (VAST type) to the Supply CedatoX and is responsible for creating the CedatoX connection with the Supply partner. The Demand partner is the side of the partnership that uses his/her Demand to buy the Supply partner’s traffic.

How Does CedatoX Work?

The CedatoX connection is always generated by the Demand side of the connection. Once the Demand partner creates the CedatoX Supply Tag, it appears on the Supply partner’s user interface in their Demand list.

The Cedato Yield-Optimization mechanism treats all VAST Demand Tags assigned to it in the same manner, whether they are assigned directly to the HTML/VAST Supply Tag, or indirectly via a CedatoX Supply Tag connection.