A Supply item represents an Inventory or a traffic source. A Supply item provides a self-optimizing intelligent item, implemented as a Tag, that can aggregate and display video ads (Demand items) in order to generate the optimal fill rate and yield of the Supply item.

Through the Cedato user interface, you can assign one or more Demand items to a Supply item for them to be played in it. Cedato's intelligent algorithms determine which Demand item is selected to be presented as a video ad. The video ads will be played according to the user’s settings on the Supply.

A Supply item can be a Cedato Player (HTML Player), a Cedato VAST (that runs in a 3rd-party player) or a CedatoX connection, as described below.

Cedato HTML Player

Cedato’s seamlessly-integrated, fast-loading, smart HTML Player intelligently delivers an optimal viewing experience while monetizing for revenue gains. A single Cedato player can have multiple Demand items assigned to it.


A VAST Supply item can be played in other players (other than a Cedato HTML Player) using Cedato's intelligent algorithms that maximize the yield of the associated Demand items that are behind the VAST. Cedato also supports the VPAID type.


CedatoX is a type of Supply item that enables a Cedato user to buy Inventory from other Cedato partners. What is CedatoX?