Cedato regularly updates its policy for the purpose of maintaining high quality transactions and top performance for our clients. In order to prevent the deterioration of both user experience and yield optimization results, poor performing and suspicious domains are blocked by default. Only whitelisted domains are allowed to be set as a demand VAST URL on the Cedato platform. 

In the event that a non-whitelisted VPAID/VAST will be set, the Cedato Dashboard will prevent the user from saving it. Previously existing non-whitelisted Demand items will become inactive by Cedato Admin. 

If you wish to get a VPAID/VAST domain whitelisted, kindly approach your Cedato CSM. The process of auditing the domain may take up to a month but typically will be much shorter. Once the domain is whitelisted you'll be notified by your Cedato CSM. In case a whitelisted VPAID/VAST abuses the platform, Cedato will remove it from the Whitelist.