Starting today, we've made it even easier to control the timing settings for ad insertions within your video content. This can easily be done by selecting the appropriate option on the content setting tab.

The video ads can be implemented according to the following setting options:

  • As soon as available - Once a video ad is ready to play, the video content will be paused and the ad will be played. Once the Ad has finished playing, the video content will resume. This mode is the default and should be used when the main objective of the player is to play ads.
  • Pre roll - The playing of video content will be postponed until the video ad finishes playing. In case no ad has started by the defined 'Ad max loading time', the video content will start playing immediately. This is useful for capturing the user's attention while waiting for the content to load.
  • Mid roll -  The video content will play until the video ad is ready to play according to the set 'Mid roll time interval'. At that time the video content will be paused until the video ad completes playing. If not started by the defined 'Allowed delay for playing the Ad' no video ad will be played at all and the content will continue to play. This is useful when playing long content, and using these breaks for monetization. 
  • Post roll - The video ad will play once the video content has finished playing. This mode should be used when minimum interruption to the user is required. Keep in mind that if 'Loop content' is checked, the video ad will not appear. 

You can use any of the described video ad timings on your content with all of our ad unit types, just go to the 'Edit' page of the desired 'HTML Player' and click the 'Content' tab. Enter the video content in the appropriate box. As we mentioned, the 'As soon as available' timing will be marked by default. If you wish to change it, uncheck it, in order to make the other options selectable:


Now choose any desired setting from the available 'Play Ad' options: 'As soon as available', 'Pre roll', 'Mid roll' or 'Post roll'.

Note: 'Pre roll' and 'Mid roll' can be used together.

In the event that you require assistance with our new settings, please feel free to contact your Cedato Customer Success Manager directly.