Cedato Native Units Now Supports DFP! 

In addition to our classic player, you can now also use In-Content and Persistent Ad units in DFP. The DFP native ad units implementation can be done easily with no need to add any code, just follow our instructions:

In order to use either of the above, go to 'Manage' -> 'Supply', click on 'Add' and create an 'HTML Player' Supply. Once you are done assigning Demand and adding the desired content, go to the 'Tag' tab. Now, when you pick the Supply Tag type you will be able to choose 'In-content for DFP' or 'Persistent for DFP'. Next, enter your domain and if needed, you can go to 'Advanced Options' and customize your ad unit. Once ready, just copy and paste the tag to your DFP account.

Make sure to use 'Friendly iframe' and set the size to 1X1 on your DFP implementation.

In the event that you require assistance with our new settings, please feel free to contact your Cedato Customer Success Manager directly.