Cedato’s Out-Stream Ad Units Portfolio provides an easy way to use and customize Cedato smart video player. The portfolio offers a way to customized native video advertising experiences and innovative ways to engage with viewers, maximizing inventory supply, engagement and results.

The Persistent ad unit appears within a standard content page or list of content items, and shrinks to a smaller unit as the user scrolls, remaining persistently viewable on a configurable fixed position of the screen during the page visit. 

Implementing a Persistent ad unit:

  1. Setup an HTML Player Supply item on the Cedato Dashboard. Customize the parameters of the player:
    • Allow Sound – Play sound on the unit by default
    • Rotation – if you wish the unit to play a few pieces in a row
    • Auto Play – Recommended to be checked (on)
    • Control bar- if you wish to enable the default control bar on the unit
  2. Assigned demand items
  3. Content, It is recommended to add a Video content when using the Persistent ad unit.
  4. Tag - under the Supply Tag Type pick the Persistent. Make sure you insert your domain in the "domain" field, The code will appear in the box on the bottom of the page. In case you want to edit the Persistent behavior, mark the "Advanced Options" with Yes. The following fields will appear, their default configuration can be changed:
    • Player Size - by default will be matched to Div so the Player size will be according to the exist location on the webpage, in case you prefer to set the size or the ratio just pick the one you prefer.
    • Close Button - By default will appear in the Player, you can mark as 'No' and it won't be shown.
    • Sound on Hover - By default will be 'No', in case you wish the sound to be turned on whenever a user hovers the player with his mouse change this setting to be 'Yes'.
    • Play on % Visibility - by default set to 50. The player will start playing its content/advertisement only when 50% of the unit will be visible on the screen. 
    • Pause on Hidden Tab - by default marked as 'Yes', it means that a content/ad will be paused once the user moves to a different tab/ minimize the page tab or any similar behavior.
    • Persistent Player Size - this size refers to the unit that stays viewable on the configurable fixed position on the page. By default, will be 300x250.
    • Persistent Player location - defines the Persistent Player distance (in pixels) from the borders of the tab. You can decide whether it will be relative to the Top or Bottom, and to the Left or Right.
    • Persistent Player Padding - an additional padding for the distance (in pixels).
  5. Restrictions and Callbacks – as needed – optional


This is how the Persistent default code looks like:


Demo for Persistent can be found here.