Pre-Bid Blocking of Anonymous IP Address Requests

Our 'Pre-Bid' blocking of anonymous IP Address request functionality is now available! 
The 'Pre-Bid' solution assists you in blocking traffic from anonymous IP's. Anonymous IP traffic relates to the opportunities that arrive from users who are using different tools, in order to mask their information (such as location, etc).

In order to join our 'Pre-Bid' solution, go to 'Network Settings' click on the 'Pre-Bid' tab, the following screen will appear:


Click 'Yes' to turn on the function "Block Requests from Anonymous IP Addresses". 
Choosing 'Yes' for opportunities that arrive from such an IP address means that the Cedato Player won't be loaded and requests to the demand partner won't be sent.

Persistent and Parallax ad units

New Outstream ad units are now available for you to easily generate using our Tag Manager.

Just as with the familiar In-Content and In-Feed ad units, the new additions to the Tag Manager, the Parallax and Persistent ad units can be integrated into any desired website.

When creating an HTML Player Supply tag, in addition to the current ad units In-Banner, In-Content and In-Feed you'll also have the option to select the Persistent or Parallax ad units.

  • Parallax - placed within a standard content page or list of content items. As the user scrolls down the page, a new section is formed within the content, pushing down the bottom part of the webpage and enabling a full view of the responsive ad on an empty screen.
  • Persistent - appears within a standard content page or list of content items, and shrinks to a smaller unit as the user scrolls, remaining persistently viewable on the sidebar during the page visit.

How to create and use the Outstream Ad Units?

Go to 'Manage'-> choose 'Supply'. Click the 'Add' button, a new tab for creating a new Supply will open. Choose the HTML Player Supply Type, define the settings.

Once you click the 'Create' button you can go to the 'Tag' tab, there you’ll see the new 'Pick a Supply Tag' setting where you can choose between the In-Banner, In-feed, In-Content, Persistent or Parallax. After selecting the desired ad unit type, the 'Customize' section will be updated accordingly. Enter your desired placement domain and then simply copy and paste it into your webpage.

If you wish to further customize the ad unit, you can mark 'Advanced Options' as select 'Yes'.

For Further Information click here.