Assigning a partner name to Supply and Demand items

Starting today, you can add a partner name to each of your Demand and Supply items. Assigning a Partner Name to your Demand and Supply will enable you to group several Demands/Supplies together and add additional dimensions that will enable you to monitor and thoroughly analyze your activity on Cedato with the various providers and partners.

Go to Edit Demand/Supply page, under the ‘Settings’ tab, you’ll see the “Demand Partner”/”Supply Partner” field. You can assign any partner name you’d like. Once you begin to type the desired name, an autocomplete list will appear listing the previously assigned names. For CedatoX, both Supply and Demand the Partner name will be according to your Cedato partner.

 Example: Let’s say you had already assigned the following partner names to some Demand items: p1, Part1, Partner1. Now you’d like to assign the partner name ‘partner2’ to a specific Demand. Once you begin typing ‘p’ all 3 of the above-mentioned name options will be suggested for auto-complete. As you continue to type, 2 names will remain on the list (part1, partner1), and so on.

Once you've completed your setup, you can go to the Cedato Labs reports and add these dimensions to analyze your activity.