Before you can use the API, you need to initialize it using code below.

The init function is invoked immediately upon player API availability but before the player is started. All changes applied from within the function will be used immediately for the first player loop. No additional scripts are required.

In the example below, 111111111 stands for the Player ID. Be sure to replace this value with your own ID.

Sample usage:

var cedatoDivId = 'video111111111[CB]'; // Has to match id of the cedato tag main div
window.CEDATO_INIT=(window.CEDATO_INIT || {});

window.CEDATO_INIT[cedatoDivId] = function() {
   var apiInterface = this; // store API for further usage

   // using api functionality
   apiInterface.overrideInitParams({autoplay: false});

The Player interface instance provides different methods for subscribing/unsubscribing Player events as well as for controlling additional aspects of Player behavior.

For specifications, refer to the following topics: