From now on you're the boss! 

Any report you need is now available (in beta version).

Today we launch Cedato's Custom Reports. The new functionality gives you the power to generate a custom report using hand-selected dimensions. You can simply save your report as a 'Preset Report' and export it for further use.

We've expanded our list of dimensions even further to include:  

  • Supply 
  • Demand
  • Domain
  • App Bundle
  • Sub ID
  • Country
  • Environment (detected)
  • Day
  • Hour
  • User Agent
  • App Name
  • Supply Type
  • Player Size
  • Demand Type


How to create a new report?

Select the relevant dates, click the '+' button and mark the desired dimensions. If you wish to filter one or more of the dimensions, click the 'Filter' mark near the dimension name and filter it.

Once the dimensions are set, click the 'Search' button and the report will be generated for you. If you created a report you wish to save and reuse, click the 'Save' button.

Creating custom report - 'Domains' by 'Country' by 'Player Size':


The custom reports are available in beta version under Reports -> Cedato Labs.

Get started now with custom reports!


Environment Targeting

To better optimize performance and reporting, we recommend configuring Cedato's 'Environment' settings for both 'Supply' and 'Demand' tags.

Go to 'Manage'-> choose 'Supply' or 'Demand'. Select 'Edit' for the tag you want to update. Under the 'Settings' tabs you'll find the 'Environment' setting.

Under 'Environment' you can choose the relevant type by clicking on the associated Icon: 

  • Desktop
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile App
If none of the above is marked, Cedato will treat this tag as relevant for all environments. 
We encourage you to set the accurate environment on your active and future tags.