Release Notes 13-June-2017

Traffic Quality and Viewability reports

We are introducing today a new and significant functionality for the benefit of our customers - the Quality and Viewability reports.
Cedato understands the importance of monitoring and identifying quality of traffic, hence we are adding today Quality and Viewability reports which are made to empower our users to make better decisions when selling/buying media. 
The service will offer 3 different packages:
Service package Sampling rate Characteristics

In the range of 2%

  • Volume-based sampling of top Supply, Demand
    and Domains
  • Reports are limited to top results only 
  • Free of charge
STANDARD In the range of 2%
  • Smart sampling of all traffic
  • Open reports, displaying all results with clear statistical significance (all Supply, Demand and Domains where the number of sampled Impressions is sufficient to decide about invalid traffic and/or viewable impression).
  • Paid tier - flat fee 
PREMIUM Flexible up to 100%
  • Custom smart sampling of all traffic for highest detection accuracy
  • Unlimited reports, displaying all results (overview results for all sampled Supply, Demand and Domains)
  • Paid tier - volume/CPM based
The Standard package is currently open to all of our customers at no additional cost, for a limited time.
Customer who wish to increase the sampling rate and enable a more accurate Quality detection of their traffic, please approach your account managers for pricing and upgrading to the Premium plan.

The reports can be found under Reports > Quality and Viewability 

Detailed information on the available Quality and Viewability reports can be found in our guide


Enhancing the Capping functionality of Ad Requests - Capping evenly

We added the functionality to distribute the capped number of ad requests evenly over the entire day.

With this new functionality we increase the customer's flexibility to control and limit the number of ad requests distributed evenly throughout the day. This is in order to address the growing sensitivity of demand partners and SSPs to the number of received ad requests per second (QPS).

The QPS can be applied based on the following calculation:

Requirement from Demand partner or SSP: QPS (Requests Per Second) is up to 100

Calculation: 100 x 60sec x 60min x 24h = 86,400,000 daily ad requests

Set the Capping of Daily Ad Requests to be of type EVEN with a cap of 86,400,000. The pace will not exceed the required QPS of the demand partner in this case.

Note that a day begins at midnight EST. The cap can be configured with values starting at 100,000 requests.

The new capping option can be found under Manage Demand > Edit > Restrictions > Capping > Daily Ad Requests > EVEN


Introducing new functionality to set the environment on Supply and Demand 

We are introducing a new functionality to set the environment on each item, be it Supply or Demand. This will allow our partners to distinguish their Demand and Supply among three different environments: Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile App.

Additionally to the set up on the Demand and Supply, a filter functionality with four selections (Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile App and Not defined) will be available on Assign Demand and Assign Supply screens as well as on several reports (All Supply, All Demand, Domain Overview, Domains by Supply).

This opens the possibility to analyze the traffic according to the (set) environment. 

This feature will replace the known setting 'is Mobile' (i.e. this checkbox will disappear from the Dashboard and will be replaced by the new set up 'Environment'). You will see three buttons representing the three possible environment configurations.


All current configurations of the checkbox 'is Mobile' will be saved and migrated to the new environment feature.

  • If you have checked the checkbox 'is Mobile', the buttons Mobile Web and Mobile App will be enabled. 
  • If you have NOT checked the checkbox 'is Mobile', the button Desktop will be enabled. 

You are able to set each item for the environment according to your needs and according to its type.

CedatoX Supply and CedatoX Demand will not have default configuration of the environment setting:

  • A Demand partner will be able to set up the environment on the Supply type CedatoX
  • A Supply Partner will see the set environment on his Demand type CedatoX under Settings.
    • An environment that is not set on the Supply type CedatoX will be declared as 'Not defined by Demand Partner'. In this case please contact your Demand partner to set the environment type.




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