Display and capping of ad requests

We've added some new metrics that will allow you to count the number of ad request per Demand item and cap its total number. With this new functionality we increase customer's flexibility to control and limit the number of ad requests in order to address the growing sensitivity of demand partners and SSPs to the number of received ad requests.

Cedato already provides a set of tools to control and limit the number of ad requests sent out from the Supply. The new metrics are added on top of it.

The total number of requests sent from the Cedato Supply item to the assigned and active Demand can be found in the report Demand by Supply. The number of ad requests is available for two Supply types- Supply type HTML, meaning your own Supply, and for Supply type CedatoX, meaning the Supply of your Supply partner on the Cedato marketplace.

Once it is clear how many ad requests are sent per each Demand, it is possible to place a cap on that number and easily limit it. The cap is enforced on the total number of ad request sent to a specific Demand item, originated by all Supply items that send traffic to this Demand.

The capping option can be found under Manage Demand > Edit > Restrictions > Capping > Daily Ad Requests

This is a daily cap that begins at midnight EST and can be configured with values starting at 100,000 requests.

In addition to the new capping option, keep in mind that Cedato already provides other functions that affect the number of requests:

On the same 'Restrictions' tab, the 'VAST Request Limit' slider guides the system with the level of ad requests it allows sending per Demand. For example, 'Min' means a single ad request will be sent to this Demand item per opportunity and per ad rotation.

Similar control appears under Manage > Supply > Edit > Restrictions > 'VAST Request Limit'. This one allows our partners to manage the amount of ad requests sent to the assigned Demand from this specific Supply item. Cedato will comply with the minimal value of the two. E.g. if one is configured to min and the other is configured to max, the lower will apply, min, in this case.

Under the same 'Restrictions' tab we also offer the ability to set a limit to the total number of ad requests sent from the player per opportunity: Manage Supply > Supply > Edit > Restrictions > 'Maximum Ad Requests per Opportunity'. This means the total requests that can be sent from the player, per each opportunity, regardless of how many demands are assigned to it and how the latter are configured.

This is useful in cases where the SSP or the publisher asks to limit the number of requests sent out of the browser/app. For example, setting it to 10 means, no more than 10 ad requests will be sent by the Supply each time it is loaded on the page. This setting is applied even if the Supply is configured for rotation.