Release Notes 16-Feb2017

Additional macros on Demand and Supply side

We are adding new macros to the Demand side and new parameter to our Supply side.

Setting correct and detailed macro implementation is essential in order to pass on the necessary information from the Supply partner to the Demand partner. It allows the Demand partner to evaluate the opportunity correctly.

Supply side

Additional parameters on the Supply side can be found here

This Help Center page can be reached from the Dashboard, the designated link is under Supply > 'Tag' Tab > Under the edit field of the Supply Tag

Demand side

Additional macros on the Demand side are: 

Macro Description
[DOMAIN] Domain where the Supply is located
[VIDEO_CATEGORY] Content video/image category according to IAB
[VIDEO_LENGTH] Content video/image length
[AUTOPLAY] Ad was autoplayed: 0 for no, 1 for yes
[MUTED] Ad was played muted: 0 for no, 1 for yes
[CONN_TYPE] Connection type
[DEVICE_CARRIER] Device carrier
[APP_IDFA_MD5] iOS advertising ID, replaced by Supply parameter 'appidfa' and MD5 hashed
[APP_AID_MD5] Android advertising ID, replaced by Supply parameter 'appaid' and MD5 hashed
[APP_IDFA_SHA1] iOS advertising ID, replaced by Supply parameter 'appidfa' and SHA1 hashed
[APP_AID_SHA1] Android advertising ID, replaced by Supply parameter 'appaid' and SHA1 hashed
[AD_POSITION] Position of the Ad on users screen replaced by Supply parameter 'adposition'
[PAGE_CATEGORY] Page category according to IAB replaced by Supply parameter 'pagecat'
[SITE_TITLE] The title of the site replaced by Supply parameter 'sitetitle'
[SITE_CATEGORY] Site category according to IAB replaced by Supply parameter 'sitecat'
[REFERRER_URL] Referrer URL (URL of the webpage that redirected the user to the page of the Supply)


Changes to the Supply Tag

With the evolution of the industry to secure (https/SSL) connections, we are adjusting our Supply Tag to support secure connections by default.  

From the current release we make the Supply Tag secured by default, under Supply > 'Tag' Tab > Secure > 'Yes'

The 'Secure' setting will still be available for configuration. When changing the Supply Tag from 'secure' to 'non-secure', ensure that your buying platform and the Demand both support non-secure traffic.

This change does not affect the old implementations of the Supply that are already being used and receiving traffic. However, it is recommended to update all the running Supply Tags to 'secure'. Please ensure that the Demand attached to a secure Supply Tag is supporting secure traffic.

Example non-secure Supply Tag:

Example secure Supply Tag:


Note: If you are still using the old version of Cedato’s Supply Tag please ensure to remove the non-secure HTML-tag inside the Supply Tag as it might cause issues with your media and demand partners.


://[CB]&domain=[URL]" width="1" height="1">


New domain is available as an alternative to

We provide our partners with a new alternative domain '' available under Supply >''Tag' Tab > Network Domain Name.

Be advised to use this domain as the alternative to when creating new Supply, as we will slowly remove the domain over the next week from the Drop Down list.

The Supplies that are currently using will not be affected by these change. 

User Interface Improvements

  • We renamed the columns
    • Played 25% -> 1st Quartile
    • Played 50% -> Midpoint
    • Played 75% -> 3st Quartile
    • Played 100% -> Complete
  • Columns 'Blacklist', 'Whitelist' and 'Demand Type' are added to the overview under Supply > Assigned Demand

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