Additional Supply Parameters


Setting correct macro implementation is essential in order to pass on the necessary information from the Supply partner to the Demand partner. It allows the Demand partner to evaluate the opportunity correctly. Macros in the Demand tag URL receive their values from the Supply side. The Supply side on the other hand receives the information from the media source.

The following Supply parameters can be added to the Supply tag, to pass the information to the Demand tag URL. Ensure to replace the added Supply parameter according to the macro implementation of your media source.

Please make sure to implement the corresponding macros in the Demand tag URL to be able to receive this information and to pass it on to the advertiser.


Additional Supply Parameters 

Supply parameter Description Supply type Corresponding Demand macro
adposition Position of the ad on users screen HTML  [AD_POSITION]
pagecat Page category according to IAB HTML  [PAGE_CATEGORY]
sitetitle The title of the site HTML  [SITE_TITLE]
sitecat Site category according to IAB HTML  [SITE_CATEGORY]
videocontenttitle Contnet video/image title  VAST  [VIDEO_TITLE]
videocontentdescription Contnet video/image description  VAST  [VIDEO_DESCRIPTION]
videocontentduration Contnet video/image duration  VAST  [VIDEO_DURATION]
videocontentlength Contnet video/image length  VAST  [VIDEO_LENGTH]
videocontentcat Content video/image category according to IAB  VAST [VIDEO_CATEGORY]
videocontentkeywords Contnet video/image keywords  VAST [VIDEO_KEYWORDS]
videocontenturl Contnet video/image file URL  VAST [VIDEO_FILE_URL]
videocontentid Content video/image ID  VAST [VIDEO_ID]
muted Mute settings  VAST [MUTED]
autoplay Autoplay settings VAST [AUTOPLAY]
clkurl Dynamic click URL. Example implementation: & HTML This information is sent directly to the advertiser
gdpr_consent GDPR consent HTML/VAST [GDPR_CONSENT]
schain Schain HTML/VAST [SCHAIN]
appidfv   HTML/VAST [APP_IDFV]
appatts   HTML/VAST [APP_ATTS]
c1 Custom parameter HTML/VAST [CUSTOM1]
c2 Custom parameter HTML/VAST [CUSTOM2]
c3 Custom parameter HTML/VAST [CUSTOM3]
c4 Custom parameter HTML/VAST [CUSTOM4]
c5 Custom parameter HTML/VAST [CUSTOM5]
c6 Custom parameter HTML/VAST [CUSTOM6]


Example Implementation

Supply type HTML:



Supply type VAST:[CB]&w=300&h=250&ho=1&d=[URL]&muted=[add macro from media source]&videocontenturl=[add macro from media source]&c1=[add macro from media source]



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