Targeting and White List/Black List functionality enabled for CedatoX Supply Partners

We've identified the need of our CedatoX Supply partners to set the targeting parameters for the Demand received from their CedatoX Demand partners.
In this release we are adding the option to set targeting parameters for the CedatoX Demand items to enable Supply partners to attach segmented traffic to their CedatoX Demand partners. 
This feature enables the Supply partner to direct only specific traffic to his Demand partners. On the other hand the Demand partners can be sure that their Demand is receiving traffic that they will be able to serve.
Supply partners can define targeting parameters under Manage -> Demand -> Edit -> Targeting tab for any Demand item of type CedatoX.
In addition to the targeting parameters, we are enabling our CedatoX Supply partners to set a Whitelist/Blacklist to provide designated traffic to their CedatoX Demand partners. This feature, similar to the targeting parameters, enables the Supply partner to include or exclude specific Domains, App Names and App Bundles from his traffic that will be made accessible to his Demand partner.


Floor CPM Price on Supply of type HTML and VAST

The Floor CPM Price setting is now available on Supply type HTML/VAST. This feature allows our partners to verify only Demand that pays above the required price when buying media from that supply.

For example, for an HTML Supply item that is committed to pay 1.5$ to the publisher or is buying media at a price up to 1.5$, it is possible to set a floor price of 1.8$. Demand that pays less than 1.8$ will not get access to that Supply. 


Control Bar on content playback only

We extended the functionality of our player control bar. Our partners now have the flexibility to enable the control bar only on content playback or to display it on content and ad playback. This is done using a checkbox on the Supply Content tab.


User Interface Improvements

1. We improved the functionality of the pop-up window displaying the available macros on the tabs Supply/Demand > Callbacks and Demand > Settings. The improvement makes it possible to copy/paste a macro from the Available Macros content window into the URL fields without closing that window.

2. We improved the workflow of the functionality '+Add' for Supply and Demand. When adding a new Demand/Supply the user is redirected to the Settings screen which is the only tab that is available prior to creation of a Demand/Supply. After the initial set up is configured and the Demand/Supply is created, the other tabs are available to proceed with the detailed configuration.