The stages of setting up and working with a CedatoX link include –

  1. The Demand and Supply partners agree on the deal business terms privately and directly. (Not in the Cedato user interface).
  2. The CedatoX connection is always generated by the Demand side of the connection. Once the Demand partner creates the CedatoX Supply item (of type CedatoX), then that Supply item appears in the user interface of the Supply partner side as a CedatoX type Demand item in their Demand items list. The Demand-side CedatoX user creates a dedicated CedatoX Demand partner using the Supply-side CedatoX user’s network ID, and inputs the agreed revenue share. See Creating a CedatoX type Demand Item for more information.
  3. The CedatoX Supply-side partner user activates and assigns the CedatoX Demand items (that were created by the CedatoX Demand-side partner) to the set of agreed-upon Supply items. See Creating a New Supply Item for more information, and pay attention to the sections that indicate special settings for CedatoX.