Announcing new targeting options by Geo, Device and Browser 

We are happy to announce the addition of targeting by geo, device and browser to the Cedato platform set of features. Starting today, when defining a demand campaign on Cedato, it is possible to do the following for each and every demand item (Campaign):

1. Define whether the demand will be associated with global supply or with supply from a specific geography. It is possible to define the list of countries to be included or alternately, the list of countries to be excluded.

2. Define whether the demand will be associated with supply originating by any OS or from a specific OS and OS versions. It is possible to define targeting criteria based on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS in any combination.

3. Define targeting based on specific browser brand and version or include supply from any type of browser.

In order to define this type of targeting parameters, simply select the required set in the targeting tab of the demand item edit window.

What is it good for anyway?

Lets take as an example a supply player with an origin of iOS and Android OS users located in the US and in Canada. For each of those, there may be an optimized demand campaign that will pay differently. E.g. a campaign that is for iOS in the US will pay different than Android in the US. With the new functionality you can now associate the supply with few demand items. Some are targeted with Android in the US, some with Android in Canada, some with iOS in the US and some with iOS in Canada. Each one of the demand items may have a different associated CPM. Cedato will serve each demand only with the supply it is targeted at, optimizing reach and yield for the demand and supply source.