Content can be added to HTML Player Supply type, when editing an existing one or creating a new one. Under the 'Content' tab all configurations related to the content can be done, including controlling the video ad insertion timing. Adding content to the Player isn't mandatory and should be done according to the desired use of the Player.

Poster Image

Will be presented instead of a black screen while the video content/video ad is loading.

Content Video

The content should be added as a URL, in the 'Content Video' box. If needed, several URL's of contents can be added, each in a separate line. If you wish to randomly play the video contents in the playlist just check the 'Shuffle video playlist' checkbox.

Add content description

In order to add the description, click the title, 3 description fields will become available:

  • 'Video Description' - can be filled with up to 100 characters.
  • 'Video Keywords' - can be filled with up to 50 characters. The keywords should be separated by a comma (,).
  • 'Video title' - can be filled with up to 50 characters.

Content Click URL

If you wish your content to be clickable and to open a new link to your user, enter the URL in this box.

Play Ad

Monetizing your content with video ads can be done in different timings during the video content: 'As soon as available', 'Pre roll',  'Mid roll', 'Post roll'. In order to change the mode of 'Play Ad:' just uncheck the selection and check the most appropriate timing, according to your needs. 'Pre roll' and 'Mid roll' can be selected together.

  • As soon as available - Once a video ad is ready to play, the video content will be paused and the ad will be played. Once the Ad has finished playing, the video content will resume. This mode is the default and should be used when the main objective of the player is to play ads. In the event that the 'Rotation' setting is checked, multiple ads can play once they are ready.
  • Pre Roll -  The playing of video content will be postponed until the video ad finishes playing. In case no ad has started by the defined 'Ad max loading time', the video content will start playing immediately. This is useful for capturing the user's attention while waiting for the content to load. If 'Poster image' is added, it will be shown until either the video ad or content will start.
  • Mid roll -  The video content will play until the video ad is ready to play according to the set 'Mid roll time interval'. At that time the video content will be paused until the video ad completes playing. If not started by the defined 'Allowed delay for playing the Ad' no video ad will be played at all and the content will continue to play. This is useful when playing long content, and using these breaks for monetization. Make sure the defined timings are appropriate for the Video Content length. The 'Rotation' checkbox on the 'Settings' tab should be defined according to the desired times, if rotation isn't checked, Only the first set time for playing a Video Ad will be feasible. The timing settings are valid also when there are several Video contents (Playlist).

An example, if you have 3 video contents, each is 40 Sec and the following timings are set:

    • First Ad will Play After 50 Sec.
    • Mid Roll Time Interval 20 Sec.
    • Allowed Delay for Playing The Ad 4 Sec.

Both the first and second time an ad can be shown will be while during the second content is playing, in the 10th and 30th seconds of it.

  • Post roll - The video ad will play once the video content has finished playing. This mode should be used when minimum interruption to the user is required. Keep in mind that if 'Loop content' is checked, the video ad will not appear.

Loop content

If you wish to play the video content in a loop keep the checkbox checked, for players with the main objective of playing a content, it is recommended to not play the content in a loop.

Show control bar on content playback only

This function is available only if under the 'Settings' tab, the 'Control Bar' isn't checked. By checking this checkbox, the control bar will be visible only when the video content itself is playing.

Note: Additional CDN charges will be applied if the content will be played on mobile devices.