Self-Managed CDN Service
Cedato has been offering CDN hosting services to our customers for a while. We are adding a self-managed customer interface as part of the UI. If you are interested in this functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager for pricing and availability. Once enabled, you will find a new tab under Manage->CDN. It lets you load player media files to the CDN. Once loaded, you can simply set the new file URL in a Player Content tab. The file will then be served from the CDN.

Changed Ad requests wording on Demand Reports
We are changing the ‘Ad Requests’ column’s wording on the demand reports to ‘Ad Responses’, to indicate its meaning more clearly. The column presents the number of ad responses received from the demand. We are also making it possible to customize the reports with the following columns: Ad Loads, Ad Loads% and Start Fill%.

New Options for Player Sizes
We’re making it easier to set larger player sizes; aside from the default 300x250, we've added 640x360 and 480x360. Please remember you can configure the player to any size through the Custom option on the same drop-list.