When an HTML Supply item is created, Cedato automatically creates a self-optimizing intelligent HTML tag that can be seamlessly used in any ad platform or exchange. This tag should be placed on the publisher’s website.

To locate and copy the HTML tag:

  1. On the Manage Supply page, click the  icon in the table row for the Supply item, then select the Tag The HTML appears in the Tag field.
  2. (Optional) If Mobile is enabled in the Supply item settings, you can select the Mobile checkbox to add macros for mobile apps. Macros are automatically added to the HTML tag, which can then be edited as required. These tags are for export only; they are not saved to the player. (Click View available macros for a list of supported macros).
  3. (Optional) Update the supply cost type and additional settings, as described in Adding a Supply Item.
  4. Copy the HTML tag and add it on the publisher’s website.