To generate the Cedato tag that can be copied as a Supply item in your web page or app, click the Create button at the bottom or top of the page.


The Cedato Tag then appears in the Code section, as shown below –


The Code area shows the actual code snippet to be copied into your web page, buying platform or app as a Supply item.

The Preview area (shown above) displays an example of what the player will look like. This preview is only available for the Basic player.

You can click the VIEW ADDITIONAL SUPPLY PARAMETERS option to display a list of the parameters that are supported for sending additional information to the player.

Note – When you are editing a Supply item, the Cedato Tag may need to be recopied from the Code section into the Publisher’s web page/application, as described in Replacing the Cedato Tag when Editing a Supply Item.

Note – Clicking on the Report /helpdesk/attachments/101011300333 icon displays this Supply items report at the top of the page.

Replacing the Cedato Tag when Editing a Supply Item

The following describes what happens if you make changes to a Supply item definition, after you have already implemented the Tag in the desired placements.

Any changes that you make to the definition of a Supply item (excluding those in the TAG section) should take affect for the Supply item within a very short time; and there is no need copy the Tag again from the Cedato user interface.


Any changes that you make to a Supply item in its Tag section (shown above) are immediately reflected in the Tag (the quotes that) displayed in the Code section (shown below).


This Tag must be recopied into the Publisher’s web page, Exchange or application.