Defining a custom report enables you to save the definitions of the most interesting dimensions for you to analyze for future use. Custom reports are saved under the My Reports option in the left menu. Up to 30 reports can be saved.

To create a custom report you have two options:

  1. You can save a report and it will appear under My Reports.
  2. Navigate to My Reports > Create.

    1. To define which columns are displayed in the report, click the hamburger menu  icon to the top right of the list.
    2. You can also add columns and filters by adding dimensions, as described in the Adding Dimensions article.
    3. Save the custom report so that it can be accessed from the My Reports option by clicking the Save report icon.

NOTE: If you want to delete or copy the report that you save, go to My Report, click the selected report and in the right corner of the frame you will see three options:

Save: modify the report
Copy: create a new report
Delete: erase the report