What is a Publisher?

A Publisher is a website or app on which video ads appear. A Publisher is a hosts the Supply, meaning provides a space for it to be displayed on their website or app. Cedato users can define accounts for Publishers (and define their username and password) to enable them to view reports for the Supply items assigned to them.

The following Publisher management tasks are provided from the Publishers List page:

  • View the Publishers List
  • Add a Publisher

Note: You cannot delete a Publisher item.

Viewing the Publishers List

You can view the list of existing Publishers and edit their properties.

To view the Publishers list:

Select MORE PUBLISHERS to display the Publishers List page. The following properties are displayed for each Publisher –

Column NameDescription


An icon indicating the status of the Publisher. If the Publisher is active, the checkbox is selected.

To list both active and non-active Publisher items, select the Show Inactive Publishers checkbox.


The name of the Publisher.


The quantity of calls from the media source to load the Cedato Supply Tag, as received by Cedato.


The quantity of ad impression events that occurred.

Ad Starts%

The percentage of impressions/ads start requests.


The revenue generated by ads that started playing (impressions) according to the CPM set in Cedato. The CPM is the Cost Per Mille for impressions. This is the cost that the Demand pays for 1,000 impressions.


Revenue per 1,000 opportunities (Revenue/Opportunities*1,000).


Cost per Mille. Calculation of cost based on Settings in Supply ➔ Settings ➔ Supply Cost Type.

Adding a Publisher

You can add Publishers from the Manage Publishers page. You can define the Supply items of the Publisher now or at a later time.

To add a Publisher:

  1. Display the Publishers list.
  2. On the Publishers List page, click the Create button. The following displays:
  1. (Optional) To make the Publisher immediately available for use, verify that the Active icon is selected.
  2. In the Settings section, enter the Publisher’s name, user name, email address and password. This is the username and password that the publisher will use to access his dedicated user interface which includes reports for the associated Supply items.

Note: The password must have at least 8 characters and include at least one capital letter.

  1. In the Placements section, check the checkboxes of the Supply items that belong to or are associated with this Publisher.
  2. Click Save.
  3. The Publisher dashboard: publisher.cedato.com

Note: You cannot delete a Publisher, however, you can deactivate a Publisher that is no longer in use.