CedatoX Floor Price for Supply
It is now possible for the supply partner to set the minimal price for selling media by setting the floor price on the Manage Demand->Edit menu. Media will not be served for campaigns below this price.

CedatoX Fixed Price for Demand
We added an option for the demand partner to set a fixed price for any demand item, per supply channel. This is in addition for the current Rev Share option. Setting a fixed price by the demand partner is done on the Manage Supply->Edit screen.

White List/Black List support on Supply side
From now on, it is possible to set white/black lists for a supply item of type VAST or CedatoX. This is done on the Restrictions tab under Manage Supply->Edit.

Removing a Placement from a Specific Publisher
It is now possible to remove a placement (Player) which is assigned to a publisher account. In order to do so, go to the Publishers screen and click on the designated publisher name. Under Players->Actions click on the X to remove it. The Publisher will no longer have access to this placement.

Easier to Deactivate Demand from Supply
It is now possible to un-assign a Supply item from a Demand item it is assigned to. It used to require going to the Supply Edit screen. It is now possible to do so right from the Demand Edit screen under the Supply tab.

Supply Fixed CPM Cost per Opportunity
We added the option to set a Fixed Cost on Supply per Opportunity. This is in addition to the current support for Supply Cost Type of RevShare and Fixed CPM cost per AdStart.

Additional Callback Macro Options
We added more Macro options to the Callback function. In specific you can now send a callback that include the demand ID, App Name, App Bundle and custom parameters. 

Columns Selection on Reports
We got many requests to enable columns selection on the Reports tab. It is now possible to select the data columns that will be presented on the report screens. On any of the reports, on the top right drop down menu, under Columns, simply select the columns with the data you wish to see. Note that this will be effective for all users of the network.