Cedato enables you to block or pass certain domains/subdomains, app names or app bundles to a Demand item. For this purpose, Cedato enables you to define whether a list is associated as a blacklist or a whitelist. In addition, you can define a blacklist of IP addresses.

  • Blacklists block the items listed in it.
  • Whitelists only pass the items listed in it.

These lists can be used while defining/editing Demand items or CedatoX and VAST Supply items.


Cedato distinguishes between the subdomains and domains on the restriction lists. The list compares the suffix of the domain. If a Blacklist contains a domain, it will block both the domain itself and its subdomains. However, if a Blacklist contains a subdomain, only the specific subdomain will be blocked.

The following are examples of a domain and subdomain –

Adding a prefix turns a domain URL into a subdomain.

Note – The prefix is the www or any other string that appears before the domain itself.

Another example:

If a Whitelist contains cedato.zendesk.com, then the only traffic that will pass will be from cedato.zendesk.com. If the Whitelist contains zendesk.com, then the traffic that will pass can also arrive from – www.zendesk.com or cedato.zendesk.com.

Viewing Lists

You can view the lists and edit their properties.


Select MORE MANAGE LISTS to display the Manage Lists page. The following properties are displayed for each list –

Column Name


List ID

A unique identifier that is automatically assigned to this list when it is created.

List Name

A free-text field that specifies the name of the list.

List Type

Indicates the type of items contained in the file. Options are Bundles/Domains or IP Addresses. This property cannot be changed once the list file has been created.

Number of Items

The number of items contained in the list.

Created At

The date and time when the list was created.


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Creating a List

To create a list –

  1. Select MORE ➔ MANAGE LISTS. A list of the previously defined lists is shown.
  2. Click the Create button. The following displays –

  1. In the List Name field, enter any free text name for this list.
  2. In the List Type field, select Bundles/Domains or IP Addresses according to the type of items contained in the file. This cannot be changed once the list file has been created.
  3. There are two options for adding bundles/domains or IP addresses –

In the List File field, select a file to upload. The file can be no larger than 15 MB, must have a .txt file name extension and be UTF-8 encoded. Only one item can be specified per line.

In the Add to List field, type in each of the bundles/domains or IP addresses – one per line.

Note – While editing an existing list, you can search through the file for specific bundles/domains or IP addresses and then remove them using the user interface.

  1. For each relevant demand item or supply item, in the bottom part of the window, select the Whitelist or Blacklist tab according to whether you want this list to specify the bundles/domains that pass (whitelist) or the bundles/domains or IP addresses that are blocked (blacklist).

The tab lists all the Demand items (including CedatoX Supply items), as shown below –


Note – Each item can be assigned up to 30 domain/app bundle/app name lists and up to 5 IP lists). Items that already have a whitelist defined for them are only listed in the Whitelist tab. Demand items that already have a blacklist defined for them are only listed in the Blacklist tab. For IPs, only blacklists can be created.

  1. Check the checkboxes of the items to which you want to assign this list.