Adding a dimension in a report enables you to add the objects and measures to a report according to the required data to be analyzed in the report.

For example, adding the Demand dimension to a report adds the Demand ID, Demand Name, Demand URL columns to the report and a column for each of the measures that correlates with it, such as: Ad Requests, Impressions, Revenue, impression RPM and Demands FR columns.

To define a Dimension:

  1. Click the + button in the Dimensions field.

    A dropdown menu of objects is displayed for you to select.

  2. Check the checkboxes of the relevant objects. Each object checkbox represents various columns that are added to the report. A Dimension box is added, as shown below:

    This Dimension box enables you to filter the items in the report by clicking on the  filter icon to display a dropdown menu of the selected types of objects in the report.

  3. If you've added multiple Dimensions, you can change their order by moving the Dimension boxes around. You can do this by dragging and dropping the boxes. For example, you can drag-and-drop Supply so that it appears after Demand. You can also remove a Dimension by clicking the X in its box.

  1. Click the Go button.

  2. Another option to filter the report by a selected item by hovering over an object column in the report and selecting Filter dimension from the popup that appears.

  1. To re-use the same report, please click on Save reports icon. The reports will be saved under the My Reports option in the left menu. Up to 30 reports can be saved.