Using the Search Bar to Display a Report

To use the search bar to display a report for a specific Demand/Supply item

  1. Find the relevant item by typing at least three characters of the ID or Name in the Search field at the top left of the page and pressing the Enter key.


A list of matching items appears in the dropdown menu. Click the relevant one. You can hover over the round icon to display its type, as follows –

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300977 – Indicates a VAST Supply item.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300981 – Indicates a CedatoX Supply item.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300982 – Indicates a Cedato HTML player Supply item.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300983 – Indicates a CedatoX Demand item.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300984 – Indicates a VAST Demand item.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300985 – Indicates a Domain blacklist or whitelist.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011300986 – Indicates an ID list blacklist.

  1. Click the /helpdesk/attachments/101011300988 icon to display its report.

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