New Publisher Management Module

The new dashboard is expanding to include a complete new module for publisher management, accessible through the main navigation bar.
The Publishers module enables you to manage publishers and keep track of each individual publisher's players and performance. In addition, you can grant access to your publishers to view their performance and stats directly in the system. Publisher access is restricted for viewing individual information only, using a secure login.

The New Cedato Support System and Help Center

We are delighted to announce that Cedato is implementing a new support and ticketing system to enhance customer care and communication.
We are launching a self-service support portal - the Cedato Help Center. You can reach the help center at and also via the Support menu at the new dashboard. The portal provides access to up to date documentation, release notes and frequently asked questions, and for submitting support tickets and keeping track of their status. You can issue support requests via the Cedato Help Center, or send us an email to Each email you’ll send will be converted to a support ticket, and you’ll receive email updates about the status of the request.

IMPORTANT: to access the Cedato Help Center, you’ll be required to register to the support system by providing your name and email. This will enable you to submit tickets without being prompted for your email address, and to easily track request status. Note that until you verify your email registration, the tickets you submit will not be processed in the system, so please make sure to do this as soon as you submit a request to avoid unnecessary delays.

Important Fixes and Additions

  • Fixed various new dashboard UI issues
  • Fixed macro failure for AID and IDFA
  • Fixed 'HTML only' setting to not load Flash file – note that the tag has changed and will only work via the new dashboard
  • Fixed playback of Cedato VAST in Brightcove Player