Email Integrations / Marketing Automation

Using platforms such as Hubspot or Klaviyo, and depending on how users interact with your EX.CO experience, you can use this Integration option to enable better segmentation. Collect leads, and trigger emails, chats or SMS messages for any criteria you define.
ExampleIf a user submits a lead form from an EX.CO experience, that lead’s contact details can automatically be generated as a new entry in your marketing automation platform.
From there, you can better understand your audience personas, segment those new leads, and send more relevant marketing communications.
Another useful example of this integration is for an event invite built on the EX.CO Platform. All RSVPs would automatically be connected to your marketing automation platform, so that your teams are able to send out reminder emails and event links to appropriate leads.

HubSpot Integration

By integrating with HubSpot, you're able to enrich your contact database with a variety of data. For example, if a customer enters their details into an EX.CO form in one of your experiences, you are able to automatically add or update their details within HubSpot. 

If the relevant EX.CO Form is part of an interactive experience that contains questions, your HubSpot contact will also contain the answers they have supplied so you can uncover a clearer picture of their interests or preferences.

To integrate your account:

1) Edit/Open your EX.CO experience and click on 'Integrate' in the top menu.

2) Select HubSpot and grant the permissions required:


Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 15.09.30

3) Once access is granted, select the HubSpot account you want to link from the drop-down menu:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 15.35.30

Using the Hubspot Integration:

1) Edit/Open your EX.CO experience and click on 'Integrate' in the top menu.

2) If you haven't already completed this step, select HubSpot and grant the permissions required.

3) Select the account you wish to link from the drop-down list:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 15.35.30-1

4) Enter a name for the form you want to create within HubSpot:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 15.42.28

5) At this point you are able to connect the questions and answers users will provide in your experience with the contact properties to be automatically updated in HubSpot:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 15.55.08

6) That's it! You can now complete the integration by clicking Finish:


Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 15.56.01

Klaviyo Integration

Any contact data you collect through an EX.CO experience can automatically populate a Klaviyo form, which in turn helps you create micro segments for use in your future campaigns.

A Klaviyo integration will also allow you to serve relevant EX.CO experiences to targeted users arriving on your website from a Klaviyo campaign link.

To integrate your account:

1) Copy your Klaviyo public or private key from your Klaviyo dashboard. 

2) Edit/Open your EX.CO experience and click on 'Integrate' in the top menu.

3) Select Klaviyo, and enter your key in the dedicated field.

Once we verify your key is working properly, you’re all done. This step is only required once, so any form you wish to integrate in the future won't require you to repeat this process.


Integrating EX.CO’s experiences to Klaviyo:

An EX.CO experience can help you collect useful data about your customers; which products they’re interested in, for example, any preferences or intentions, and more. Your customers will enter these details into a form in the EX.CO experience.

Once you've created this form:

1) Click on 'Integrate' in the menu bar.

2) Select a Klaviyo list from the drop-down menu.

3) Select the EX.CO form from the experience that you want to connect to that list.
(Each experience can contain more than one form, so this step is important)

4) Select and connect which fields you wish to send to Klaviyo.

And, that's it! Data will be transferred between your accounts automatically.

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