Demand management allows publishers to connect their own demand to the EX.CO eco system. This means that for each monetized player – EX.CO by default is running our own demand to monetize the player.

With demand management, the publisher can add his own demand tags – of his own traffic or direct campaigns, and these will run together with EX.CO’s demand to monetize the player.


To onboard to EX.CO’s demand management platform, contact your EX.CO account manager.


On EX.CO’s platform, go to Monetization > Demand Management, and select Add new demand.

You can select your demand type, which can be either pre-bid, Vast tag, or Amazon TAM tag.

For Vast

  1. Choose your demand type (showing VAST and Prebid).

  2. Then, choose your preferred demand partner from a predefined drop-down or type in your option.

  3. Next, input the demand source fixed CPM.

  4. Choose which environment you want to activate; mobile, desktop or both, and add the demand URL where indicated, making sure you adjust any macros or custom parameters.

For Prebid

  1. Select the prebid partner you’d like to integrate, and provide the required parameters depending on what partner you choose.

  2. Set a Floor CPM, which is the minimum possible cost per impression you’ll agree to sell the inventory for.


You can target your tag according to country, DMA, browser, operating system, or a specific domain.

You can also define capping for each tag, for example – if you don’t want EX.CO to serve this tag more than X times a day.

Once you save the tag, EX.CO will automatically start serving this tag as part of your monetized players.


To measure and optimize your tags, go to Monetization > Demand reporting.

In the report you can see all the tag data, such as revenue, impressions, fill rate CTR and more. This can be broken down by demand partner, to make sure you can optimize your tags targeting, pricing and other settings according to the most granular parameters.

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