Align your player's appearance with your brand identity, set which controls can be used, and further enhance the user experience with additional features.

  1. In the Players listing, find the Actions column of the player you wish to edit, click the three-dot icon (), and select Edit.

  2. In the Video Player Editor window, click the Appearance tab.

  3. In the Appearance section, open one of three sub-sections:

    • Logo & Colors - Display your logo, font and colors.
    • Controls - Choose the buttons to show in the controls tray.
    • Elements - Add features to the player experience.

Logo & Colors


Brand your video player by adding your logo or icon:

  1. In the Logo section, click the upload icon or the Upload logo link to add a logo direct from your computer or file server.

    Ensure the file is a PNG with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and is less than 50KB. We recommend a transparent PNG.

    To add a logo from a URL, slide the visibility toggle to on, then paste the URL into the 'Add Logo Via URL' field, and click Upload.

  2. Ensure the visibility toggle is on, so that the logo remains visible as an overlay, even when the player controls are hidden.

  3. Set the logo's position to the left or right of the bottom of the player. (The logo cannot appear at the top of the player, since that is the optional title area.)

  4. Change the logo's width in pixels to suit your needs.


Brand your video player by customizing the font:

  1. In the Font section, select the font that closest resembles your branding.


Brand your video player by customizing the color scheme:

  1. In the Color section, select the primary and secondary colors that will be used in player components as default. Click the color swatch to choose a color by eye, or insert hex codes in the text fields to ensure an exact match.


Choose the buttons that will appear in the control tray at the bottom of your player:

  • Play / Pause - Control immediate playback.
  • Full screen - Expand player size to fill the screen. (Not applicable for RSS playlists.)
  • Previous - Play the previous video in the sequence.
  • Next - Play the next video in the sequence.
  • Closed captions - Show a text representation of the audio. (Not applicable for RSS playlists.)
  • Sound - Control volume intensity or mute entirely.
  • Progress bar - A visual indicator of the progression of play.


Video Title

Set and display a default content title and ad title. Choose the title text color and background color.

Player Pagination

Show the progess of the current and subsequent videos in the playlist. Set the color of the pagination elements.


Show a gallery of upcoming videos. Set device-specificity, position, layout and video quantity.


Display a 'Next video" prompt after a specified number of seconds. Choose the prompt's color.

Video Thumbnails

Show a thumbnail preview while the video is loading.

Video Teasers

Play all videos in sequence, with each running for a specified length of time, in seconds.

Transition Screen

Show an interstitial screen between videos that displays the title of the next video. Set the transition color.

Title Panel

Display a panel on top of the player that shows the title and other information. Control logo display, background blur, auto-hide timing, position and panel color.

CTA Button

Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to the player, to allow viewers to watch more of the video or read the article being promoted. Set the label text, icon and color, and set the display to be device-specific.