With EX.CO you’re creating meaningful experiences to engage your audience, so once launched, it’s essential to analyze how well they’re doing. 

With Analytics, you’ll gain not only valuable insights for the future, but real-time feedback on how everything’s performing. If you think improvements can be made, it’s simple to edit and tweak your experiences, with no re-embedding needed. Any changes you make are instant and measurable, as the placement is already active.

Where you can see your data

  • My projects

    This is all the data for both your experiences AND your articles.

  • Dashboard

    Here, you can find ALL of your experience and placement data. Please note - this page does not include our legacy articles.

  • Experience analytics page

    See the specific experience performance from your site, including experience breakdown data.

  • Experience breakdown data

    Presents data from each part of the experience. So you can drill down into the selections made on each question or component. For example, how many people have voted for each option? Or, how many people reached the end card from each question? and more…

The metrics used for analytics

  • Loads

    The number of times our experience was loaded on your website.

  • Engagements

    The number of first time engagements. That’s how many individual users have interacted with your experience.

  • Engagement rate

    From the total number of loads, we calculate the percentage of those who engaged with your item for more than 15 seconds.

  • Completion

    The number of times an experience was fully completed, meaning that all of the questions were answered.

  • Completion rate

    From the total number of loads, this is the percentage of users that completed the experience.

  • Clicks

    The total number of clicks on a CTA/Submit in your experience.

  • Click rate (CTR)

    The percentage of those clicks from total page loads.

  • Leads

    The number of users that submitted their details as part of a form.

  • Time on page

    The amount of time (in seconds) a user spent on the page.

Can I download the details?

If users input details, such as an email address, into a form you've added to your experience, you're able to download these as a .csv file. Just click on the 'Download Leads' button.

Aside from this, our analytics are designed for you to easily analyze all your data in one place, showcasing all of the metrics you'll need, as we detailed above. However, you are able to get more value from the EX.CO Platform by connecting with your existing customer management and marketing tools. 

More about integration