How do you implement the EX.CO player?  

You can implement the EX.CO player using a JS tag, AMP tag, and/or via a GAM tag. 

Alternatively, you can implement the player hardcoded on-page using JS, or through GAM. 

Is the EX.CO player responsive?

Yes, it is fully responsive to different screen sizes and can also be configured in fixed sizes. This can all be configured via the player menu in the platform for each of your players. 

Is the EX.CO player optimized for Google Web Vitals?

Yes, on all key metrics, such as First Content Paint (FCP) below 2.5s, First Input Delay (FID) below 100 m/s and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) below 0.1. The EX.CO player scores significantly below Google’s thresholds on all standard connections. 

How do I add new content to my players?

Each player has a playlist attached. From the player you can edit or swap the playlist, but you can also simply edit the playlist in the “playlist” tab and then it will automatically update the content in the player(s) to which it is connected. 

Are you optimizing the quality of the delivered video based on the viewer's network conditions? 

Yes, using HLS "Adaptive Bitrate". That means that the streaming server dynamically adjusts the size and quality of the video stream in real-time, depending on various factors such as network bandwidth and the processing capability of the client device.

Do you enable control of the player's look and feel? 

Yes, with multiple out-of-the-box formats and layouts and the ability to control the player design, branding, color palette, UI elements, and controls.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of videos I can add to a playlist?

We recommend no more than 8-10 videos at a time. That way, the playlist won't be heavy and negatively affect the publisher's page speed performance. However, the maximum is 20.

I see accessibility and captions are a feature of the new OVP. Is it something that is available on our current player as well?

Closed captions are available on our player. If the video via the feed has a closed captions file in it, the closed caption button will be available for the video on the player. We support both CC file formats.

Do we support single embed players and video targeting?

Yes we do. This allows editors/writers to assign specific videos to specific articles with ease, directly from the platform. This is a critical tool for news publishers, enabling the swift assignment of relevant videos to breaking news and articles. This feature can also be integrated into a publisher’s own CMS.

Is there a way to confirm if our tags are hardcoded on a site or running through GAM?

Yes, the EX.CO Content Watcher extension installed in Google Chrome will detect it for you.

If I have an infinite scroll article page, what happens if I set the player to be after the first paragraph and sticky?

There is only one initial page load on the first article, then the sticky remains present for the rest of the scrolling session. It does not load new players in subsequent articles.