You can view the list of Demand items that have already been created and edit their properties. If no Demand items have been created yet, then click the Create New button.

To view the Demand items list – 

Select DEMAND MANAGE DEMAND to display the Demand Items List page. The following properties are displayed for each Demand item –

Column Name



Indicates whether the Demand item is active or not. See Deactivating a Demand Item. By default, only the active Demand items are displayed.

Demand ID

A system-generated ID number.

Demand Name

The name of the Demand item.

Reached Capping SettingIndicates whether the demand item has reached it's capping.

Partner Name

The name of the partner that is associated with the Demand item.

If this Demand item is a CedatoX Type (as defined in the Type field below), then the Partner Name field, defines the CedatoX Demand partner of this Demand item.


The type of Demand. See Demand Type for more information about Demand Types.

Demand URL

The URL of the VAST.


Specifies the environment from which the Demand items will receive requests – Desktop , Mobile App , Mobile Web or CTV .

Domain List

  • appears to indicate that a list of whitelisted domains has been defined for this Demand item.
  • appears to indicate that a list of blacklisted domains has been defined for this Demand item.

IP List

  • appears to indicate that a list of blacklisted IP addresses has been defined for this Demand item.

Request Limit

Indicates the setting of the scale for limiting the requests arriving to this Demand item per Opportunity.

V – Limited

X – Not limited


The Cost per 1000 impressions.

Limited AssignmentIndicates whether the demand item is a Limited Assignment demand.


/helpdesk/attachments/101011299779– Click to edit the properties of a Demand item as described in Editing a Demand.

/helpdesk/attachments/101011299780 – Click to duplicate.

Note – More details about each of these properties are provided in Creating a New Demand Item.

  • Activating/Deactivating – To quickly activate or deactivate a Demand item, simply click on its icon in the Active column. Green is active and gray is not active.
  • Deleting – A Demand item cannot be deleted. However, it can be deactivated when no longer in use.
  • Filtering – To filter the displayed columns, click the filter icon at the top of each column. To clear all filters, click the hamburger menu icon and then the Clear Filters option in this menu.
  • Defining Columns – To define which columns are displayed in the Demand list, click the hamburger menu   icon on the top right of the list.