CedatoX type Demand items are created by the Demand partner as a CedatoX type Supply Item. They automatically appear in the Manage Demand page after the CedatoX Demand partner has created them with CedatoX in the Type column, the Item will be Inactive by default. Make sure to present the Inactive items in the Manage Demand table and Activate the desired CedatoX Demand item.

Some of the connection settings of a CedatoX Demand item type are already defined. It is recommended to review them in order to determine if they are defined according to your expectations.

The following lists the settings that were set by your CedatoX Demand partner and cannot be changed by you. If you would like them to be changed, contact your CedatoX partner and asked them to do it.

  • Environment
  • Targeted traffic source
  • Revenue Type

Settings – Demand CedatoX

All the CedatoX settings are determined by the CedatoX partner who created a CedatoX Supply item type.

The only setting that can be changed here is the Floor CPM Price, which specifies the minimum CPM set for a Demand to receive requests and buy through this CedatoX connection. It is recommended to modify this value as needed.

The following additional fields appear for a CedatoX type Demand item, but cannot be changed –

  • Demand PartnerSpecifies the name of the Cedato partner that created the connection.
  • Targeted Traffic SourceSpecifies the type of traffic source that is allowed to send requests to the Demand CedatoX that was defined by the Demand partner.
  • Revenue TypeSpecifies the revenue type of this Demand, which can be CPM (impressions) or Revshare. This field was defined by the Demand partner.