Create a report in Ad Manager 360

  1. In Ad Manager 360, select Reporting > Reports.
  2. Click New report.

Setup in the Report builder

General settings

  1. In the Report builder tab, set the Report type to Historical.
  2. Enter the report name according to this template: <COMPANY NAME>_Adx_CPM_Sync.
    1. Replace <COMPANY NAME> with your company’s name, as stated in

    2. Do not use any special characters and spaces (e.g EX.CO becomes ExCo).

  3. Select the time zone closest to GMT, if possible (e.g GMT+3:00 is better than GMT-7:00).

  4. Set the Date range type to Dynamic.

  5. Set the Date range period to Last 7 days.

  6. Set Report currency to USD (US Dollar).

  7. If needed, apply any filter logic you require, to report on relevant ad units. (Optional.)


  1. In the Dimensions panel, select Time unit - Date.
  2. Select Inventory - Ad unit (all levels).
    1. Do not check any checkboxes in the Ad unit (all levels) dimension.

  3. Select Geography - Country.
  4. Select Platform - Device category.
  5. Select Platform - Browser category.
  6. Select Platform - Operating system category.
  7. Maintain the specified order of dimensions.


  1. In the Metrics panel, within the Total column, check Total impressions.
  2. Check Total CPM and CPC revenue.
  3. Check Total average eCPM.

Editors and scheduling

  1. In the Editors and scheduling panel, set Schedule to Daily.
  2. For Date range, set the end date one year from the start date (e.g Oct. 14, 2023 - Oct. 13, 2024).
  3. Set File format to CSV (NOT Excel CSV).
  4. Check Include header.
  5. Check Include IDs.
  6. In Add recipients, add as a report recipient.
  7. Click Save and run.

Example outputs

Report builder

CSV file