The HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol objective is to stream video content. It was developed as an alternative to Flash video, and enables using longer content than the "heavy" MP4 content.

The HLS protocol main feature is that it can dynamically adjust the bitrate of the streamed video according to the client's connection speed, it will provide the highest possible quality that will prevent buffering from occurring.

The playlist format allowed is M3U8 Extended. In the HLS protocol, the MP4 video content is chopped into short video chunks which have indexes inside an m3u8 playlist.

How to use it with the Cedato player?

The tag must be used as in the following examples. First create the player as any other HTML Player. The content can't be set in the dashboard, just copy the following examples and make sure to replace the Player ID, content url and any other necessary settings with the correct ones. (Other ad units should be configured similar to the In-Content)


Basic Player: