Today we added a built-in 'Passback' functionality to our Tag Manager.

The 'Passback' functionality allows our partners to easily add a fallback rule, "falling back" from a video ad to a display ad in case the associated demand partners fail to fill an impression on time. The parameter 'time-out' can be individually set in a designated input field on the Dashboard. It set the time the Cedato Player waits prior to handing over the impression to the display tag.

This configuration can be found under Manage Supply > Supply (type HTML) > Tag > Passback.

To add a 'Passback':

1. Go to Supply (type HTML) > Tag > 'Passback'

2. Set the 'Passback' on 'Yes'

3. Enter the provided passback (Display Ad) code into the input box. The Display Ad tag is generated by the third party display ad serving platform and is outside the scope of Cedato. Partners are encouraged to test those tags independently for performance and fill rate prior to the integration with Cedato.

4. The default 'Time-Out' is set on 15 seconds, but can be adjusted manually in the field to a higher value.

Once you've completed these steps, your are done!

You can see the entered passback code integrated into the Cedato Supply HTML tag. 

All previous implemented/running solutions are not affected by the release of this feature and can be left running. If you have a 'Passback' implementation that causes issues, please create a 'Passback' using the new Dashboard functionality or contact our Support Team.

Shuffle Video Content

We added the possibility to shuffle the video content playlist under Supply > Content > Shuffle. This allows our partners to comply with publisher requirements and to shuffle content videos played by the Cedato Player. 

The 'Shuffle' is applied on an opportunity. With every valid player load on a webpage, the added content video playlist is randomly shuffled and played.