CedatoX is a private marketplace, enabling a simple, private and direct supply/demand connection between any two Cedato seat members, with easy set up and improved optimization. Any Cedato seat member can offer supply or demand to another member, with terms set privately and directly between both parties, and executed over a server-level connection on the Cedato platform.

Benefits for CedatoX Seat Members

  • Direct and private access for more supply/demand with an agreed revenue share, automatically managed and maintained by the Cedato platform.
  • Simplified connectivity - less configuration hassle with no need to define macros for the CedatoX Player/VAST.
  • Improved optimization for nested demand, with fewer requests and latency by “flattening” the optimization model.
  • Improved latency, viewing experience and client side performance by reducing unnecessary client side hops. 

How It Works

To establish a CedatoX Link, two Cedato seat members need to engage privately and agree on a revenue share deal. The link is created in a two step process – defined first as a special CedatoX Player by the Demand side member, and then as a CedatoX VAST by the Supply side member. Each member controls the supply and demand sources the same as any other Player and VAST in the system. CedatoX tags are optimized as part of any demand set according to the actual revenue share, to guarantee the most optimal yield and fill-rate.

For detailed instructions on how to create a CedatoX Link, read this tech note on the Cedato Help Center.