Duplicate Demand

With the current release we allow our partners to duplicate their Demand with only few clicks, under Manage > Demand. This feature allows Demand creation in a faster and more efficient manner.

The new feature implements a similar behavior as the already known Duplicate Supply functionality. 

1. Click on the button 'Duplicate' under Manage > Demand

2. Choose a Demand item that you wish to duplicate

3. Type a new name for that Demand item

4. Select if the new Demand will be active or inactive from the point of creation

4. Press duplicate 

The duplicated Demand item will contain the same active and assigned Supply in the tab 'Assigned Supply' under Demand > Assigned Supply as the original one. Also all the settings under the tabs 'Settings' (except the name), 'Targeting', 'Restrictions' and 'Callbacks' will be duplicated.

It is only possible to duplicate the same Demand type, meaning: Demand type VAST can be duplicated to Demand type VAST and Demand type SpotX Direct can be duplicated to Demand type SpotX Direct.

Please note that if the duplicated Demand is set on 'active' during the duplication process, it will be exposed immediately to the traffic that the assigned Supply receive and will participate in the buying process. 

New targeting parameter: Player size

We are adding a new parameter named 'Player Size' to the 'Targeting' tab. This allows our partners to target specific placements sizes to match specific Demand needs. This enables additional revenues by defining different CPM for placements of specific size. 

The player size is targeted in size ranges and can be defined as small, medium, large or in custom size. 

Add description, title and keywords to your Supply video/image content

In the Content tab, found under Supply type HTML > Content, an additional section is now available to manually define content's description, title and keywords. The text in the three available boxes will be passed in the correlating macros [VIDEO_DESCRIPTION], [VIDEO_TITLE] and [VIDEO_KEYWORDS]. Those macros should be added to the Demand URL.

Information regarding retention of the displayed data in the reports

We added a link to every report that redirects our partners to an information article in our Help Center, specifying retention period. The retention period differs per report. The article provides our partners with information to plan ahead and be able to secure the necessary data for internal uses and storage.